Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I think that possibly, maybe I’m falling for you...

This is just a conversation one of my friends and I had on facebook. I dont expect anyone to read this, it's pointless. Just crazy drama. I wanted to save it, and couldn't think of a better place than here. So ignore this post if you want to, I wont be offended. :)

"so did you analyze today?"

"when. i mean, he had different faces, but when are you talking?"

"all of them. what were the different faces? decribe each in complete sentences and explain your answer.

1st face: talking, smiling a little, looked happy
2nd face: a little bothered when i walked up XD and then you guys stopped talking."

"HAHA i love it :D
any other faces?"

"3rd face: confused. about what, idk. but he looked as if he was contemplating something."

"when did he make the third face"

"hmmm.... well, it went 1 3 1 2"

"comtemplating before you came up to us? O.o
i wonder what he was thinking"

"hmmm.... well, idk.
well maybe it was a "paying attention" face"

"was it that, or a bored face?
and did he look at me at all when we talked?"

"no. i know bored. lol. he wasnt bored."

"so did he?"

"did he what?"

"look at me at all
like try to make eye contact?"

oh! yeah, like, whenever you were talkng and the occasional glance. nothing too creepy, but he wasnt bored or ignoring you. :)"

"haha 'occasional glance'"


"so he was really bothered when you walked up? XD"

"yeah, i really think he was XD"

"haha aaaaaawwww :D"


"walk up to us again tomorrow, i wanna see it :)"

"lol. okay."

"was it like a mean face, or a like, "well now, here comes the stalker"
and did the face include the eye roll?"

"'well, here comes the stalker" / "darn, now our conversation is over cause it would be weird to try to fill her in'"

"haha so, im assuming from your mad analyzing skills, that he does like talking to me? am i right?"

"yup :)"

"okay, i have one more question"


"okay, two:
1. if you were looking at us in the hall, to some radom stranger, what did it look like?
2. and did you get a vibe from him, like, he WANTED to talk to me?

"like you were either 1) good friends or 2) dating or 3) bf and gf"

"are you just saying that, or do you really mean it?"

"yeah, like he was mad when i came cause he couldnt talk to you, like he only wanted to talk to you, but now he had to include me"

"really? :O

"i really mean it, like if i were a stranger, it would not suprise me that you guys were dating or that you were just friends"

"well we are friends :D"

"yeah. :)
but. you could be more than that"

"maybe maybe :D"


natalie said...

Haha, I couldn't not read it! But hmm... Maybe maybe indeed, hehe :D And by the way, that song is now sufficiently stuck in my head haha...

sakhii•• said...

hey....long time...!!
hope u remember me??!!