Sunday, February 7, 2010

it doesn't make it easier to be away


grace. said...

nice picture, those are some tall trees.
Ha, i feel weird saying this, but i really like trees, I took wood tec as an option, and my teacher is always teasing me about it, because i am like 'woah, thats a nice log there.' ;-)

The song is called blackbirdsong i think, thats what i found it under on youtube, it was dead hard to find, i was just typing in random lyrics, and then trawling through the internet.

Victoria said...

Day 2, 2/7/2010:
Last night I went to my friends bday party. He would not put his bass down the whole night, haha. And another guy brought his guitar and amp. Slept over at a friends house too. It was dark and her backyard looked pretty cool