Thursday, February 11, 2010

it's so white as snow, running through a field where all my tracks will be concealed


Karl said...

Well I strongly recommend you listen to every album that I post. The download link can be found where it says 'try' at the bottom. I won't be posting often and it gives you the opportunity to hear what I've been listening to.

grace. said...

wahay! snow!
I love it, but i think we pretty much have had it all over here, i mean, it hailed the other day, and that was not fun :-/

Oh, looked back on the other posts too, is that to kill a moking bird? I've never read it, but i have to this year for coursework {fun...} Im so bad at essays, I tend to babble for ages, then get angry and shout a bit about what ever it is im writing about, and then get bored and end it. It pretty much ends up being a mess. :P

Victoria said...

Day 6, 2/11/2010:
It snowed today, and we had a snow day! I think I might get another day off tomorrow too, it's been snowing all day, non-stop.