Saturday, March 6, 2010

and I will get lost into your eyes, I know everything will be alright

"I hate that moment when my phone goes off, and I think it's the person I like...but it's not."

I slept over at my best friend's house last night. We watched Where the Wild Things Are and Kung Fu Panda, baked sugar cookies, roasted marshmallows over her stove, roller bladed and attempted to skateboard, and went outside at 10 at night to call the guy she likes to ask him something [he never answered. grrr].

"do I have to scream for you to see me?"

He slept over at his friend's house last night too. He said they talked a lot, just about life and the meanings behind it. And he mentioned they talked about me. And he wouldn't say why. Aaaaahhhh.

"Same. Oh, and if youre talking about the [guy] i think you are, i sit next to him in english lol :P"
"Lol yes ma'am. The very same. We talked about you and he told me you both were in the same class"

Aaaahh! What is that suppose to mean?!?!?! D: He wouldn't explain himself, except that it was
"Good things. Dont you worry."
Loser. (; And I guess this blog is starting to become where I post all the texts from him that make me feel all warm in fuzzy inside, haha.

"If I could just see you, everything would be all right. If I'd see you this darkness would turn to light."

Monday I have to ask this guy I used to like last year ["promise me you won't ever, EVER drive" guy] if he likes one of my friends and "analyze his facial expressions" haha. I'm worried not only because I used to like him, but he's also very intimidating. And, in the minuscule chance he doesn't like her back, I'll have to tell her so. And I don't like being the bearer of bad news.

UIL is Tuesday. Pretty excited about that. And I guess that's it.

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James said...

In my experience, allowing the boy to come to you is the best thing you can do. :)