Friday, September 3, 2010

The road to rejection is better than no road at all.

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
  1. Not hugging him back at the plant sale freshman year.
  2. Giving his number to that girl.
  3. Letting my friend talk me into texting this one guy. Because now he thinks I'm a creeper.
  4. Letting myself like him as much as I did.
  5. Letting his talking about his exgirlfriend effect me as much as it did.
  6. Telling my friend how I truly felt at the moment. I was just sad.

Today was, by far, the best day of school. Art was easy, and I didn't feel like hitting the guy next to me for singing obnoxiously and talking to himself, or the creepy freshman across from me that always looks at me. I'll look at him, and he'll either look down quickly or smile. It's like seriously dude, seriously?
I'm positive that I got a 100 on a map quiz in history, and then we watched a video for the rest of the period. And history is one of my favorite classes because it's the only one with a cute boy in it, haha. :)
In orchestra we had to do a 3 octave A minor melodic minor scale/broken thirds for a quiz grade. Which I nailed, even though I was shaking from nervous-ness of playing in front of my section. Plus it's really cold in the orchestra room.
In Physics we did a lab where we had to figure out where to put a cup in front of a desk to get a marble that went down a ramp in it using only equations (Very confusing to explain). We only got one try, and whether we got it in or not basically decided if we would pass or fail. My partner and I were nervous, as we were the first to finish. And some guy came up to us while we were doing it and said "Are you sure that's right? Wanna make sure it'll work? Having any second doubts?" But we got it in. His group didn't. Haha.

I think I'm going to find out more info about this boy from my friend. I want to talk to him, but every time I want to, I tell myself he probably couldn't like me, that I'm not pretty enough, etc. and that it'll just be a waste of my time. Because every time, every time, I'm always rejected. Always.
But hey, if it doesn't work out at least I'll have the annoying guy and creepy freshman. :/

Now I must go watch the animated Lord of the Rings on YouTube, then after watch the dubbed version. So... uhm, bye.
That was an awkward ending.


Jillian said...

It's rather funny that most all of your "things I wish I hadn't done" have to do with "him's".
I have the most regret in that area of my life too :(

natalie said...

Okay, so it may be really nerdy of me to only comment about the mention of Lord of the Rings in your post hahaha, buuut I freaking love the animated versions! I haven't seen them in such a long time though. Wait, is there even more than one or just The Hobbit? I don't even remember. I'll have to go on YouTube and search for them now... ;D

meg said...

Good luck. yeap, I know those awkward moments well.

nick and heath said...

Love your voice in writing.