Monday, December 27, 2010

half the world away

2010 is almost at its end; New Years is in 4 days. Which means New Years resolutions I will attempt to accomplish.

Eat less, exercise more, get to and stay at 100 lbs or less.
In a healthy way. I just want to feel better about myself.
Increase self esteem.
This goes with #1. I need to stop putting myself down so much. I guess I'm honestly not that bad of a person.
Listen to much more music.
I haven't listened to any new music in awhile. I love the feeling of discovering a great new band. Even though I don't have anyone to share this feeling with, since none of my friends like the same music I do.
Stop being so sad and depressing most of the time.
Read a lot more.
I only read at school when I have time, and I never read at home. I'd like to change this. And finish the Harry Potter series asap.
Draw more.
I drew a self portrait today. I don't think it really looks much like me though.
Practice violin and guitar more often.
I will make region orchestra senior year.
Which leads me to the next point;
Get out of the house more.
I need to hang out with friends more instead of being a lazy bum, especially during the summer. Next year, I'm going to be a senior. I have to start looking at colleges soon. I still remember my first day of freshman year. Now, nearly three years later, I'll be at my last year of high school. Things have changed so much. But the point is, there isn't much time left until we all will head our separate ways.

And finally, some words of wisdom...
"Live every day like you're Glen Coco."

Happy New Year, I hope everyone's 2011 is the best year yet. :)


Kassandrah said...

Don't get at 100lbs or less. I'm 100lbs and half my school accuses me of being a fucking bullemic.
And I eat a lot, plus its like a really unhealthy weight, I think. D:

Natalie said...

Getting healthy and exercising is good, just make sure you don't overdo it or anything. Don't worry about a specific number on the scale, just focus on feeling better about yourself and all! But yeah, increased self esteem and everything is definitely a good thing to add to your News Years resolution list. :]