Friday, January 21, 2011

people should fall in love with their eyes closed.

^Picture I took yesterday.
My classes this semester are AWESOME. I'm loving them all. My drawing class is fun, there are a lot of cool people in it. It's a good change from Art 1 because the people there want to actually be there, instead of being there to get an art credit. I sit next to someone I talked to a bit freshman year, and he was in my history class last semester. He's really nice. Also, remember the guy that I didn't want to go out with because I found him very unattractive? Well, his hotter, older brother is in my drawing class. Ooh la la. And, remember this guy that's best friends with the guy that I really, REALLY liked (Let's call the guy I liked "Munchlax", one of my friends does for his super secret code name) that added me on facebook randomly because Munchlax apparently always talked about me? That apparently, as Munchlax said for defending his best friend's odd behavior, wanted to "get to know me better"? He's in my drawing class too, and sits on the other side of the room facing me. This should be a VERY nice class.
English is going really well too. The first day my friend said sorry, and of course I said it was no problem, I understood. Which was good, because we had to write a story for a project, either having a moral or explaining how something became how it is today. Ours is how the unicorn lost its horn. It includes Frederico the Unicorn and his trustworthy companion Sebastian the Salamander, who frolic around the Earth during the time of the dinosaurs. Their adventure begins when they hear a rustling noise in a shrubbery. It's quite the epic tale.
Orchestra is the same as usual, varsity is sounding great. Pre UIL is in a month, then UIL is sometime in March.
There are 14 kids in my Pre Calculus class, 11 girls and 3 boys. So there most likely won't be many stories from that class. :3
So yeah, I guess that's it, I don't have anything else to update on. So, yeah. Byee.


Natalie said...

That certainly is good news that your classes this semester are so great! And I know what you mean, it's always good to be in an art class with people that actually want to be there. And Frederico and Sebastian's adventures sound quite amusing indeed, hehehe.

sakhii•• said...

nice pic:D

Em [the writer] said...

That's a great schedule though I'm surprised about your class size in Pre Calculus. I don't think I could handle that.

English always is the best class :)