Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Cats make wonderful companions. They don't argue, or question my intellectual authority."

"How 'bout this one, with all the pretty hearts on the front? I know where this is going. Yep! 'Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart. I love you.' If somebody gave me this card, Mr. Vance, I would eat it."

Valentine's Day wasn't terribly bad. Or, at least as bad as I thought it would be. We made cards in art class though, which was awful. But, one of my friends made one where on the front he wrote "Happy Valentine's Day!" with a giant heart, and on the inside, "Just kidding." surrounded by broken hearts. It made my day much better.

Wednesday was Open House at school, and every open house the orchestra students frolic around the halls harassing people to buy doughnuts. Afterwards, two friends, one's boyfriend and his friend, and I went to Chik Fil A. The entire time we made perverted jokes until 9:30. I love going there after concerts/orchestra gatherings. Mostly because no one else is there, but it juts seems more fun at night. The atmosphere and feeling is so much different than that during the day. That was definitely the best open house thus far.

Thursday, Pre UIL went alright. Our sight reading wasn't fair; it was supposed to be played pretty slowly, then BAM! it goes right to presto a few measures before the ending. We got the last two notes though. :) But at least it didn't look like this;

Last night I went to see the school play "Triangle" with a few friends. It wasn't awful. But it wasn't very good either.

There are two girls that sit opposite of me and my friend, who is a guy (the one mentioned above), at our table in art class. We always bicker and argue, because that's just how our friendship is. They thought we were dating, they still want us to, and we're both like "Eew, hell no!" and when I grab his pencil he'll grab my hand, and they'll shout "Awww!" At first it was annoying, but, I think I'm starting to like him.


And, you must watch this.

"I need to know that it’s possible that two people can stay happy together forever."

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Natalie said...

See, sometimes it can actually be good to expect the worst out of things! As bad as that sounds, haha. :P But I mean like, if you expect Valentine's Day to be horrible and then it actually turns out alright then it's good! ...You know what I mean? Haha...