Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love."

I didn't have school today "due to inclement weather." It's so pretty outside right now. I woke up at 6:30 thinking I had school, took a shower, got dressed, went back into my room and logged onto facebook to see everyone posting "n0 $ch001 2d@y!!1!". So, not even bothering to dry my hair, I jumped right back into bed and slept for another 4 hours.

When I woke up this is what I saw;

I was not expecting snow, just a lot of ice.

But the best part of today? I played a pretty intense of game of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Those goombas didn't stand a chance. I totally pwned Bowser.

^From Mario's perspective.

School will be closed again tomorrow. The roads are still icy, and the high for tomorrow is only 19, the low is 11. So it shouldn't be melting anytime soon. I'll probably have another productive day tomorrow.

Also, I've fallen in love with Sufjan Stevens and this music video recently.


Natalie said...

LUCKKKKYYYYYY. It is completely miserably terrible weather here, but oh no. School is in session and no cancellation in sight. URGH. I love that feeling though, when you totally aren't expecting a delay or anything and then SHABAM. That's always nice.

Sufjan Stevens is so lovely

Kassandrah said...

school got cancelled here today.
But its exam week so i had no school anyway.

Eeshie said...

Ugh, you are so lucky. We've had terrible weather over here in NYC, yet they still keep schools open. I think it humors them to see kids slipping and sliding in ice.

ANYWAY. I like your blog :)