Monday, February 7, 2011

you used to be alright. what happened?

What I did this weekend:

Went to my friend's 17th birthday party. We went to the mall and did a picture scavenger hunt.
I saw The Dilemma afterwards with a different friend. It was goood.


today in orchestra our teacher wanted the 2nd violins to play a part in front of the orchestra. So there's this really fast 16th note passage at the end, and everyone I was playing with dropped out, and I pwned it. At lunch the cello player said, "Even people who weren't paying attention looked up and were like 'daaaammnnn guuurl'". That made my day.

My friend also drew me a picture of a cat during 4th period. At the top of the page she wrote, "Only the creepiest of cats are allowed to belong to Victoria." with a picture of a creepy cat named "Steeev".

I have the coolest friends ever.


Ali said...

dayum gurl! haha. nice job, Victoria! :)

Steev. :)

sakhii•• said...

i love this pic :)

Ali said...

what's "127 Days" ?