Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where I End and Where You Begin

"I can watch and not take part, where I end and where you start. Where you, you left me alone. You left me alone."

I have no idea why these all have been Radiohead..

I slept terribly, again, last night. I couldn't sleep, so I was up until around 5, then fell asleep and woke up around 11. Which is fine, I did get at least 6 hours sleep. And, surprisingly, I'm not all that tired. Though by 8 I'll probably crash on the couch listening to my iPod.

I'm repainting my room this week. The color that's there now is what came with the house, and it really looks like shit. Yeah, it's that bad. We painted a spot on the wall the color to see how it would look when it dries. And I can't help but stare at it every five minutes; it's irritating. I reread this and looked up at it again. :P

I haven't written much in awhile. I just haven't felt like it. Since I found out I really have become numb, and nothing phases me anymore. Like, if someone hurts just me, I don't give a crap. I know that's bad, I just really don't care. And I realize that there's no one in my life (besides y'all, you guys are pretty awesome (;) who I can tell everything to. Absolutely no one. No one really cares about me, or what happens to me. No one here, at least.

I just want to know why. Why did that have to happen?

I'm going down to San Antonio in two weeks for an orchestra competition. I can't wait, it'll be nice to get out of town for awhile. We're going to play what we did for UIL, so we should sound pretty awesome.


Annie said...

I like your blog; the header thingy at the top is pretty smashing.

Check out mine?

N a t a l i e. said...

Urgh, I couldn't fall asleep last night either. I stayed up until 2 AM for no real reason, just to watch these really random videos on YouTube.

Ooh! What color are you repainting it? The spot must be really annoying though... we got these nail pops in the walls recently fixed, but they have yet to repaint them, so there a bunch of bothersome spots on my walls too! :P

Oooh, good luck at the orchestra competition! Sounds like fun :) I used to be in band but I quit because the new teacher had anger management.

krl said...

because radiohead are better than every other band. duh.

heres your help;


shelbyisms. said...

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Radiohead. I don't dislike them by any means, I just don't see why they're so great... Does that make me a terrilbe person? I hope I haven't offended you.

I read a couple of your previous blogs before I commented on this one, and I have to say, that I am so, so sorry about the boy dilemma. And I know that Twilight doesn't help anything (I actually laughed out loud when I read that you re-read it, as I did the same myself yesterday :]), because let's be honest, Edward doesn't exist in our world. Regretfully, anyway.

I am sorry about your friend. That must be horrible :(

I hope things get better for you.

grey~eyes said...

wow real good to have you back. I havnt been sleeping very well either, but i run better with less sleep for some strange reason.

I am sure that people out there do care you know. you seem like a pretty genuine person, so why wouldnt they.
People are genrally a bit shit though.


childhood said...

i am sorry you feel that way. :( i hope you feel better. a lot of times, i feel like crap and i just want to go into a corner and want to cry. uhhh! i am not sure about radiohead.. i don't really listen to them. but i am sorta getting there. i like them. :D

•bLue-eyed sOuL• said...

sry...i missed ur few posts:)

krl said...

keep searching.

serj tankian is terrible.

well, apart from his pianist skills.


Cursed♪♫ said...

Hi Vic :)
Hope you're fine now!
even I haven't been sleeping properly since a few days! I've got my exams and well....just got so many things on my mind :D
Anyways, take care Vic!
I'm just so glad you're back :D

grey~eyes said...

it is a good little song, i like to wake up to it in the morning.

People seem like alot of shit, we are essentially a selfish race, just look at what we did to the planet. But somehow, everytime i get ready to givee up on people alltogether someone does soemthing that restors my faith in humanity.
We are a very odd species.