Friday, March 20, 2009

Sing for Absolution

I can't wait to go back to school; I actually kind of miss it. It's so nice outside now, but I do miss the "cold" (if you could count 40 degrees cold.) and the rain, though it didn't rain much this year.

I had some very weird dreams two nights ago, there were five different ones that I can vaguely remember, then some other ones that were just a blur. I have no idea if they were somehow connected to each other or if they were all different, I just don't know. I had another weird dream last night, which I vividly remember, but don't plan on posting it up here. Though I will say he was in it. And it's probably not what you're thinking. (;

Don't you hate it when someone only talks to you when all they want to do is try to get information out of you about your best friend who's in a mental hospital? I know I do. Huh, I guess it's true that you never realize what you have until it's gone.

My new favorite song: Falling Down by Muse. Which I am going to explain in a huge, lengthy post, probably next week when I get back to school. Just so then I can say something along with it, and to be sure of some things. Though I'm sure you guys can figure it out if you look up the lyrics.

I had at least six poems that I started to write on my cell phone from a few weeks ago. I finished three two nights ago, then another two last night. The last one I plan to finish tonight, or maybe by the end of the weekend, or on the bus on the way to San Antonio. Which I know is still two weeks away, but it will give me something to do on the bus.

Eh, can't wait to go back to school.



grey~eyes said...

People are odd little things, you think you know someone, and then they turn around and you see someone completely different.
And yeah, i do hate that, well, no one has exactly been trying to get me to give information about a friend in a mental hospital, but when you think they are trying to get to know you, and then its just like, oh no, you wanted something else, you dont actually like me.
It sucks.
Wow, that was an long angry comment.

grey~eyes said...

Yeah, i know what you mean, when they get your hopes up almost. and then you find the true motive. It hurts really bad :(

grey~eyes said...

yeah, that is one of the things i like best about going out with someone, just the fact that someone is there. Who cares about you, and makes you smile when you see them.


Karl said...

well I've never heard of the verve pipe, who sound risky.

Hoobastank is terrible too. Your evil twin here listens to them


krl said...

the chick here who is almost identical to you.


krl said...


Hannah said...

I've been having weird, vivid dreams, too :/
I don't like it. hahah


grey~eyes said...

I know he does. We like to listen to each others ipods, and i recomended him them, and now has their cd ;)

Annie said...

I always have weird dreams. They all usually have distinct story lines, but the location is usually really messed up. haha, dreams are so weird!