Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Falling Down

"Too late, I already found what I was looking for. You know it wasn't here, no, it wasn't here. I was calling your name, but you would never hear me sing, you wouldn't let me begin. So I'm crawling away, 'cause you broke my heart in two. No, I will not forget you."

*This is the post I promised you guys awhile back, I didn't have much to post about, so I decided "Why not post this now?"*

So, why do you think this could possibly be my new favorite song? Well, first of all, I'm sure you could easily figure it out if you looked at the lyrics that are at the top of this post. If you got it, congrats to you. If you're still wondering, well, then, you're ridiculously oblivious.

It's about him. Yeah, I know, no crap Sherlock, what post hasn't been about him?? But this one's different. For this blog, at least.

I decided that he's probably not as great as I make him out to be. Maybe he really isn't what I'm looking for. Maybe, just maybe, he's the opposite. Maybe that's what made me so attracted to him: opposites attract. I guess I never realized that, now did I?

No, he's not perfect anymore. And it took a hell of a lot to realize that. No crap, I still like him. It's hard not to. But, maybe it's because I could never forget him, and that this has left me "crawling away" from this whole mess. But in the end, I realize that it's all worth it.


Today was pretty good. I just came home from school and all of a sudden was in an annoyingly happy mood. Maybe it's the exhaustion finally hitting me. But I haven't had any weird dreams in awhile. While I was on the trip, though, I had a weird dream about him. I don't remember at all what it was about, I just remmber him being there.

We had orchestra pictures today. I think mine came out pretty good, I always hate my school pictures, a lot. But I think these will be keepers. :)

I should probably study now. I have to make up a test in geometry that I missed while I was away, and I have a biology test tomorrow.

Peace. :)


•bLue-eyed sOuL• said...

sry...i lost d track of comments last week..

Karl said...

Yep. Whatever.

grey~eyes said...

i think people dont get how hard it is for kids at school to get over people, they just asssume that as we are kids, we arnt always capeable of such emotional attachment. But it is hard, as we have to see them day in day out. there is no closeure.

Exhaustion always leaves me crazy. i genrally end up watching really weird movies and listening to irish music. i dont know why. tis a wee bit odd ;)

I love the pictures i get from school trips {the ones without me in them - i am the most un-photogenic person ever} i still smile when i see them, and a new memory hits me. Its fab ;)


{wow, really long comment today :P}

live2laugh said...

first, your blog is so cute. i love the lyrics-picture-song thing.

second, take advantage of those annoyingly happy moods.

third, i don't know why but the times when i can't get over some boy are the best times of school because then i have something else to look forward to... maybe that's the same for you too?