Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lost Cause

"& She's so scared to get close to anyone. Because everyone that ever said "I'll be there", left."

It's been awhile since I last posted hasn't it? Well, I actually have much to say this time: :)

Friday went very well. The best day ever in orchestra, and I basically just felt good the whole day. Which doesn't usually happen. I also got an iPod touch, and it is just so amazing, I love it. :)

Friday night I had a sleepover at a friend's house. I felt uncomfortable most of the time though. I hate people touching me, even the slightest movement makes me jump now. It always seems like she has to touch me, always, and I always back away. So apart from the short jokes every five minutes, she'd tell me that I hate her because I don't like her touching me. Hellooo!! I don't like ANYONE touching me!!! Ughh. It just really pissed me off.

Saturday we went to the jazz festival. It was quite fun, the music was pretty good. She was just being annoying, but that was really it.

Sunday I went to the plant sale, and that was a ton of fun. My friend who moved to a different school showed up for awhile and helped out. I had missed her so much, it was great to see her again. :)

This week we've had exams, so the freshmen have been able to go to school about two hours later, so it felt great to sleep in for a bit. Unfortunately we're only going to have orchestra every other day this week. Our concert is coming up soon, and our end of year banquet after that. I have to go find a dress to wear to that now, that should be an adventure. (;

One of my guy friends just left. He won't talk to me anymore, and I refuse to talk to him now. I just wished that I knew what had happened between us, why I feel that he all of a sudden hates me. It's a horrible feeling, I just wish he knew how much I miss him.

I've gotten into drawing now. I might post some later, once I get better. It's just the shading, it's so difficult! :P

That's basically it.

Peace. :/


Child Hood said...

Eeww, sometimes people touch you TOO much. And it just gets very uncomfortable, but I can relate. :0

n a t a l i e said...

Aww, an iPod touch? Luckkkyyy (:

I don't mind people touching me too much, but I can't touch other people without just feeling kind awkward. My friends can bounce around wrestling everyone but I just kind of... don't, haha :P

It sounds like the jazz festival and plant sale were enjoyable! That must've been nice to see your friend that moved.

We go to do the go-in-2-hours-later thing before too :D It was nice.

Ugh, that sucks about your guy friend. I hope you can somehow sort things out :/ Good luck and have a good rest of the week!

Cursed♪♫ said...

Congrats on your iPod :)
Nice to know that your orchestra went well! :D You play the violin, right?
Yep, i hate people touching me too. Except for some! lol !! :)
I've never been to a jazz festival! But looks like you've enjoyed a lot!
Sorry about you and your guy friend. Hope things work out between the two of you!
Take care :P