Monday, May 25, 2009


Wow, I haven't posted in nearly a week. There isn't much updating to do though.

The banquet Tuesday went very well, although I knew only one other person there. And I had to wear a dress, which was pure torture. I tripped on almost every chair to get up to the stage in heels and a dress. And you'll never hear anyone call me Grace, so you could imagine how well that went. I might post some pictures next post.

The one for orchestra went a ton better, most of my friends were there, and it made realize how much I really appreciate the whole group, it was just completely amazing. I'll really miss all the seniors who are leaving this year, it just wont be the same. We all were kind of like this big, happy family. It's really great.

The orchestra concert is tomorrow, and we sound really, really good. I'm kinda excited for that, it's our last concert for the year, so it actually is only kinda important. :)

Now I have to make a CD or my friend might kill me tomorrow. (You know who you are, haha. (;)

Peace. :)


n a t a l i e said...

Glad to hear that the banquet went well! Even with the potential for disaster with the dress + heels... I would be sure to fall off stage or something :P Your orchestra sounds just like the band at my school, everyone is just a huge tight-knit group of friends! I kind of wish that I hadn't quit last year, but the teacher was a nut case who threw his coffee at us... Good luck at the concert too, I'm sure you'll be great! :)

Alyssa said...

thank you vic, and i will never kill you for not making me a cd, ill just force you to do something you wont like to do,something to do with the pale dude.

•bLue-eyed sOuL• said...

cool.....n'joy your concert!!

grace. said...

Thanks, i am feeling alot better actually :)

Its good to hear the banquet went well, and you proberly are a slong shot better than me in heels ;)
Your orchestra group sounds fun, there isnt really anything like that at my school, and it sounds really fun :)

Omg, i love that song Trophy, Bat for lashes is an amazing artist, she is original and has a fab voice :)

Grace X

Child Hood said...

Good luck on the orchestra concert thing. It's kind of sad but I've never worn heels. But I will...soon. Good luck. Ta ta.

grace. said...

woah, its a really good song. Makes me want to dance ;)
Plus, i do love music in a foreign language! :D
Thanks for the recomendation!

grace X