Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sad Eyes

"I can tell that you're lonely, but it seems now there's nothing you want me to do. So I won't try to take the sadness from those eyes that I love, leave it open for someone else to. And when you smile those sad eyes look sadder and sadder still."

The concert Tuesday was unbelievably awesome! Everything went perfect, and everyone sounded great, it was an amazing way to end the year. I can't wait till next year to be able to be in the orchestra again, preparing for concerts. There's just something about them that are just so, magical, I guess. It's pretty exciting.

My friend made me learn Dwarven Runes from Lord Ring of the Rings, which is like writing in code. So now I can honestly say I can write in it, I memorized most of the symbols, except for "X" and "Z", but I don't think I've ever used them before. Hah, we're such dorks, aren't we? :)

I decided I couldn't really take my one friend anymore, she just scares me. She just comes on a bit too strong, you would understand if you met her. She's just loud and obnoxious, and basically just the complete opposite of me. So, instead of just telling her, I've been trying to ignore her. But today she caught up to me after French, so what do I do? The horrible person that I am asks her to wait for me in the hall, then I beg (well, I didn't really have to beg (;) this uber cute guy in my French class to walk with me through the hallway, thinking that she wouldn't walk with me if I was with a guy.

It worked, but now I feel sorta bad. Should I? I mean, seriously, he is amazing, totally went along with everything once I explained it to him, I couldn't have thanked him more.

I'm not sure what I should do about this girl. I mean, she's really starting to scare me. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's like I can't stand being around her anymore. Ugh, I don't know. :(

This weekend there's an end-of-year orchestra party. That should be a ton of fun, I can't wait.

The speaking and writing of my French finals are tomorrow, then I have finals next week. Only 6 days left! I cannot wait till summer's here, I'm so exhausted, I'll probably just sleep and listen to music. I probably should be studying right now.. nah, I think I'll continue to do an amazing job at procrastination.

Peace. :)


•bLue-eyed sOuL• said...

beautiful quote!!
all d best 4 ur frnch stuff!!

Senpai said...

Well Im no help here, Im too passive to know what to do in that situation...

Alyssa said...

i know what you mean about that girl. i hope it works for the both of this. dont be a procrastinater it will hurt you in the end lol jk