Monday, June 22, 2009


"Come on in, I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in, I've gotta tell you in my loudest tones. That I started looking for a warning sign, when the truth is, I miss you. Yeah the truth is that I miss you so."

I do feel a ton better than I did from my last post. Friday night I also felt lonely when going to the movies with a different group of friends, a different girl and the same guy. But this time they were going out as a couple. It was my friend's last day here before she went on vacation for a week, that was the only reason I went along too.

I don't know if I regret going. Sure, I felt like crap. But it made me realize later that night that I just shouldn't care about those things, at least not yet. I know there's probably no one here I would want to go out with anyway. So why even bother worrying? I'll probably just go off to college (somewhere cold, no sun, maybe Alaska? Or Forks, that would be much better (: And most likely on a music scholarship, I would love to do something with music later in life. So, my point is, I shouldn't worry. I might not like this now, but I shouldn't care.

"This time I wonder what it feels like to find the one in this life; the one we all dream of. But dreams just aren't enough."

Whats your hidden talent? Music
You hear passion all around you, you can't help but stop study or work to hear people walking past. You seek perfection in the collection of sounds. If you're not a musician already, you should look it up.

"How can I forget you when you're always on my mind? How can I not want you when you're all I want inside? How can I let you go when I can't see us apart? How can I not love you when you control my heart?"

I don't have any big plans for this week, maybe go to the mall with some friends Thursday night, but that's really it. All of my friends are on vacation, so I can't wait for them to get back! I did go through all of my older posts on my older blog later today. I can't believe how much he controlled my life, my mind. Even more than that I can't believe how long it took me to get over him. It all just seems so ridiculous now, I'm just so glad it's over.

"I don't feel what you feel, I don't wanna feel this incomplete. And no one here can tell me how to fill this space between. Everyone knows you're my one regret. Everyone knows you're my one weakness."

Hope everyone has a great week, I'm gonna try to post more often during the summer!

Peace. (:


live2laugh said...

You hear passion all around you

^ i think i like that.. statement? quote? whatever you wanna call it.

and good for you, getting over boys is like.. impossible. maybe you'll meet someone as the summer sets in.

n a t a l i e said...

Forks would definitely be an ideal place to live ;D And that's great that you're so passionate about music, I'm sure you're going to go really far :)

I don't really have any big plans for this week either... I hope you manage to enjoy yourself while all of your friends are on vacation! Mine are all here for now, but one of my best friends is going away for like two weeks in July, so that's going to be suckish.

Have a good rest of the week too!

grace. said...

that is so true, thinking that why worry, it actually helped me alot when i saw it, {i read this a yesterday, didnt have time to comment ;)}, but yes anyway, things didnt work with me and him, we arnt going out anymore, gah, i dont even want to talk about it, but anyway, your post made me realise alot that it wasnt going to be permanent, and im still young, what am i doing getting so distressed over a guy! so thanks alot for that, and im actually alot happier now, i mean, i used to worry alot about him, and if we were ok, and its nice to just have a weight lifted or something. :)

{dont know why im going on about it, just wanted to thank you :)}

Grace x

Alyssa said...

im sorry how i felt you feel that night i shouldnt have made you come, but the good thing is you wont feel that way around me for a while. im done with guys, for a while, atleast.

i wish you luck with your music passion. for you have to have a goal to get somewhere

grace. said...

yeah, that is a good quote, and really makes alot of sense, i was feeling immensly down then, so thanks for the comment, since then ive just had such a good few days with my friends, and things really are looking alot brighter, so thankyou :)

grace X

Cursed♪♫ said...

Music is surely your talent, your passion! Love the quotes. Have a great summer. I'm ill and not going to school. Have to cover up so much in school :( And I have my exams.
Sorry I don't visit very often. take Care Vic! ♥♥

Annie said...

Love the quotes! Music is a wonderful talent to have.

You have a good week, too. Happy Summer!