Saturday, October 31, 2009

Salt in the Snow

I actually cannot stand my last post.

"Are you listening?"

This weekend so far has been okay. I went to a football game last night with a group of friends, tonight I'm going to a friends house, and tomorrow I'm going to fright fest at Six Flags.

And that's basically it. :/

This is too short, so enjoy this video of a song my friends were singing yesterday in the car on our way to the football game:

Oh, and Happy Halloween.

1 comment:

grace. said...

the song is pretty darn catchy, it has to be said. ;)

sorry about not commenting much {well at all really} went through a vuagly strange stage of my life, and lost contact with it all really.

how are things?

{oh, looked at your last post, i must admit, i love thats what she said jokes. and 'your mum' jokes, i dont care if they arnt mature, they are just funny.}:)