Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hearing Damage

New song by Thom Yorke, gonna be on the New Moon Soundtrack.
Check it out.

So what have I been up to these past few weeks that I've been gone?

Absolutely nothing.

Sure, I've hung out with friends and went to football games. But not anything I've wanted to write down. I haven't even felt like writing anything for the month I've been gone. Like it's pure torture to sit down with my computer, figuring out what to write. Because nothing felt, right, if you know what I mean. Just nothing I wanted to write down.

I slept over at my friends house last night, and had this crazy dream. I tried writing it down, but it was all too confusing, even for me. It involved this guy that I really like. He seems like someone I could trust, someone that maybe I could care for. He seems honest, someone that maybe, just maybe, could like me back.

In this dream though, I did something that I've been wanting to do for weeks. And what could that be?
Actually talk to him.
To be honest, he kind of frightens me, and I think I like that. He's not really anyone I've really known before.

I talked to a friend last night about him. She agreed with that yes, he was in fact uber hot with his emo hair. And that when she had hung out with him he was sweet, had a gorgeous smile (which he does :) and cracked a few that's what she said jokes. (which my friends and I did all night last night. Good to know that someone adorable shares our sense of humor. :)

This kind of feels pathetic. I haven't written on my blog for nearly a month, and what do I decide to write about? Boys. Sorry about that, maybe next post will be better.

Last weekend I was very busy. It was a three-day weekend, which involved the plant sale, hobos, a freshman flirting with me, a football game in which our team kicked some serious butt, going to a park at 9 at night, and frappuccinos. It was pretty darn epic.

Hopefully I'll get back into the habit of posting more than once per month.
Take care polar bear. :P


natalie said...

Yay, it's good to hear from you after you've been gone a while! Well, even if nothing really warranted being written down, the the sleepovers and boy-related dreams and epic weekends and such still sound pretty fun to me :)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Finally you're back !!!!!
It's been ages :)

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

James said...

I have no comment as your whole post was about boys. Being a boy, I am therefore biased in my opinion of not feeling an attraction.