Sunday, February 28, 2010


"You see I can be myself now finally, in fact there's nothing I can't be; I want the world to see you'll be with me."

I realized that I write much better and much more when I'm either sad or confused. But today I'm actually happy. :) Last night I got everything worked out with him, and my friend had an amazing time at the dance. The guy she asked makes her so happy, which is really good. I also deleted about 700 songs off of iTunes that I didn't like/never listen to/were just plain weird. Today was pretty good. And I've even been posting more often. :)

Laughter [laf-ter]
When a smile has an orgasm.

So last night I had a really weird, crazy dream. He told me he liked me, but I still dreamt about some other guy. It was me, him, one really creepy guy that I know through some friends, and my other loud, obnoxiously hilarious friend [all which are in my gym class]. It was weird, because I used to like that guy, but he has a girlfriend, and it was just weird. Like I can't even describe it weird. Like shouldn't I be dreaming of him? Because he's who I really want. He really is the sweetest guy I know.

"I honestly don't want to hurt you. Not one bit."
"You havent hurt me though"
"But I don't wanna keep you waiting to hang out. Like I seriously wanna hang out with you. Really freakin badly."
"Do you mean everything youve told me? I dont mean this in a mean way, im just really curious"
"I think so. I say that because i'm bad at explaining myself sometimes."
"Just tell me whats on your mind"
"Okay. Like i really like you. I wanna get to know you. Really bad actually."

And then he sent me this, which made my day so much better:
"Hey I'm at work and my phone is probably gonna die. So i just wanted to wish you a great day! :-)"

Yeah. Holy crap. I've finally found someone nice, who actually cares about me. Booyah.

Hmmm.... maybe everything does work out in the end.

rawr. ♥

["& i'm jealous of every girl that has ever hugged him, because for that short second, she held my whole entire world."]


ali Bella said...

When a smile has an orgasm. LOVELY!

I'm so glad you're happy Victoria!

AND I love that you're posting more often! Yay!!!!!! (:

trishie said...

Funny that - i often feel more inspired to write when i'm sad too..

sakhii•• said...

yeh...never does any story hav a bad endin!!

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