Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don't Give Up

Day Seven: Four turn offs.
  1. Being a creeper.
  2. Not able to play an instrument.
  3. Being obnoxious and loud.
  4. Not liking Radiohead. ;P

Last night I went to the movies with two of my friends and saw Vampires Suck. And it did, indeed, suck. Some parts were funny though, but it was mostly stupid. The Edward character was much hotter than Robert Pattinson though. And the girl who played Becca perfectly portrayed Bella's mannerisms from the real Twilight movie. So yeah, it was alright.

Tonight's the homecoming dance. An hour ago I got back from hobby lobby with one of my friends to pick out fabric and ribbon so she can redesign one of her old dresses. It's suppose to rain tonight. And I don't have a date, but neither do the two friends I went to the movies with last night. I hope everything works out and I don't come home feeling like shit.

Now I'm going to go play Mario Kart Wii, and possibly practice for district/region later. ♥

"Don't make a move, you'll look ridiculous again. You share no interest but it's easy to pretend. Don't start the action it will turn against you soon; no one is going to follow and you'll stand there like a fool."


Kassandra said...

I'v never heard of Radiohead. :P
And I suck so bad at Mario Kart Wii. My sister's friends used to come over on saturday mornings and they'd all kick my ass at it. :P

natalie said...

I watched like five minutes of that Vampires Suck movie, and it was so incredibly dumb that I couldn't even bear to continue, hahaha.

I hope the homecoming dance went well! Wow, yours seems like it's so early in the year... Ours isn't until, like, October O:

lucy and sarah said...

I love those last minute fashion fixes. I took a wedding dress and had to take out the zipper...(strapless) I thought it would be know..shoe lace it in the back with this cool ribbon..and uh..I'd have my dress. Unfortunately, my boobs kept popping out which needless to say, I couldn't go like that. I ended up with something I'd picked up at lost and found at school. A slinky black dress to wear with my clunky boots.

Oh..and yeah, I did love the Edward & Bella more in Vampire Sucks than Robert or Kristen.

nick and heath said...

Sometimes you can overdose on Radiohead. Hope the dance was fun.

lucy and sarah said...

Hope you are having a good week. Hope all went well at the dance.