Wednesday, October 13, 2010

another night, another dream wasted on you.

Lots of boy stories to be told today. That's all this post will consist of;

1. I had a dream about orchestra room guy last night. Is it true that when you dream about someone it means that person went to bed thinking about you? I mean, I didn't go to school yesterday. Maybe he really was thinking about me, wondering where I was. I'm hoping he was, yet I'm not. I really need to move the f#@& on. If that's true though, then he must dream about me every night, haha.
2. I had to go into school early today to work on an art project. I got there and sat down in the seat opposite of my assigned one during class. This guy that I find kind of cute [I would so go out with him if asked haha :) ] came in to work on his too. Now, during class, he sits on the other side of the room, but facing me. This morning I was facing the other side of the classroom than usual, and he sat at a different table on the side that faced me. He was facing me. His normal seat was open. A ton of other seats that weren't facing me were also open. Crazy random happenstance? I think not. He has looked at me before and smiled, although only because he probably thinks I'm mental. But maybe he finds me somewhat attractive? Maybe. I hope so, 'cause that would be nice. We also talked. Kind of. We were in the art supply closet (get you mind out of the gutter) and he asked me where the plastic wrap was, even though it was right in the middle of the cart in plain sight. Maybe he was just oblivious, or maybe he wanted to talk to me. Hmm? Also, he knocked over some paint and I was like "Good job". And that was it. This is why I don't have a boyfriend, I'm just too damn awkward.
3. I saw the guy I was suppose to hang out with on Saturday today. And he actually looked kinda sorta just a tad bit cute. Just a little. Not that I was looking or anything. My friend and I were looking up our PSAT rooms and we was standing with a girl next to the paper. Just happened to be there. I said hi. He looked happy to see me. Eh.

"I still believe it's you and me 'til the end of time. When we collide we come together; if we don't we'll always be apart. I'll take a bruise, I know you're worth it. When you hit me, hit me hard."


Kassandra said...

This post makes me so happy. :D
I think a lot of people must dream about me, haha.

oh god. I'm so awkward too. I embarass myself at least three times a day.

You're right, I should probably talk to Edward. And I shouldn't call him Edward when I do talk to him. That would be bad. :P

As a side note. Your title made me think of this dick boyfriend I had in tenth grade, the one who I had my first kiss with. Three cheers for five years was our song.
He cheated on me.

natalie said...

i can definitely relate in the awkwardness category. it's gotten to the point that now i just go right out there and say "well, this is awkward" and it tends to either 1) break the ice or 2) go terribly wrong and make it ten times more awkward. haha.