Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's good to be alive in such a small world, all curled up with a book to read.

[This was written last Sunday, and I never finished it. So this would have been part of last week's post:]
Sunday, 10.17.10;
This weekend has been incredibly busy. Saturday was all-region auditions, and today I stayed in my room doing homework and working on an art project all day. Which is turning out really nice [Which, by the way, I got a 100 on. :D ].
Friday night I went to see The Social Network with two of my friends. After, we sat in the back of one of their pickup trucks listening to a crappy radio station. It helped me to keep my mind off region for the night, which I feel helped me a bit.
Since I was sick last week, I still had a headache for the auditions. Add a lot of screeching, high, out of tune notes before I had to play made it much more difficult for me. I could not hear anything, and I felt tone deaf from the pounding in my head. All in all I think I did alright. I'll know tomorrow if I made it or not. [I did not, but I'm glad I didn't. That music was difficult, and I really don't feel like learning even more of it and putting on a concert.]

And, that's as far as I got. Now onto this weekend. I'm using names, because this will just be so confusing if I don't;
Friday was half day since we had midterms this week. My friends and I went to Chik fil a for lunch, but Lauren and I were the first to get there, and sat alone for like 20 minutes. We had already ordered by the time Alyssa and Mercedes (the ones in the pickup truck, from the movies last Friday night) got there. There were some girls from school that a few of my friends didn't want to get seen by (ah, crazy high school drama), so they went out to their car to go through the drive thru while Lauren and I went back out to her car. We decided to go meet at a park to eat lunch. Mercedes and Alyssa finally got there about 15 minutes later, and we sat in the back of her truck eating our lunch and listening to music. Then, about 30 minutes after that, Natalie and Holly showed up. We walked to the playground after that, and played hide and seek. Two of my friends were wearing white pants for twin day, Lauren and Holly, and it was going to rain soon, so they drove back to their houses to change. Before they got back, the remaining four of us, Mercedes, Alyssa, Natalie, and I, played a round of hide and seek and talked. One of them used to be my closest friend, but we're starting to drift apart with time. But we had a chance to have a quick chat while the other two talked. Mostly about colleges and her boyfriend (and my lack of one, haha), but I felt better that we got the chance to talk.
The other two came back, but not before kidnapping one of our other friends, Romer (that's not his real name, just what we call him). Natalie and I chased him around the playground when we saw him. Unfortunately we're short, and he's tall and in track. After we hung out, the seven of us headed over to Sonic. Mercedes, Alyssa, and I were talking about "inappropriate things" while Romer was walking over to our car. Which was the best. Conversation. Evar.
After Sonic Lauren drove me home, and I walked from my house to Alyssa's so me, her, and Merc could hang out. Merc texted the guy who likes me about balls from my cell, making him think it was me (soccer balls, but she of course made it sound like something else, haha), and we walked through the woods near Alyssa's house while it was raining.
Saturday I went to the plant sale and worked all day. But, it was the best plant sale thus far. It was pouring rain, so Lauren and I got to jump around looking like idiots playing in the rain. Lauren, Romer, Matt, and I sat in the back of Lauren's car for awhile, until it started lightning and the tornado sirens went off. We had to jump out and run to the other side of the school, outside, while there was lightning, thunder, and tornado sirens going off around us. One of the scariest moments of my life. We waited in the school for 20 minutes until it was over. When it was safe to go back outside we sat back in Lauren's truck, since no customers were going to show up for awhile. We drove back to Sonic, Lauren driving, and Matt, Romer, and I praying for our lives sitting on the floor in the very back (We had the seats down so we could all sit in a circle and talk). Lauren was hydroplaning most of the way there, and Matt was screaming how Lauren was a bad driver and reciting prayers. It was hilarious.
After the plant sale, Matt drove Romer home. But Lauren and I, being the creepers that we are, followed them to Romer's house. We played in the rain for a few minutes, then went back to Lauren's house after trying to find Matt's, because we knew what his car looked like and the general area of where he lived. After failing we went to Lauren's and were soaked, so Romer wore a pair of her sweatpants that looked like capris on him, and they were pink and orange. Oh, the things we do to him. :) We happened to be on facebook, on Matt's profile for some weird reason, and saw he had his address in his info. So we ran to Lauren's car, found his house, and had Romer go ding dong ditch his house. But as he was running we saw his dad walk past the window near the front so before he could ring the doorbell he ran back to the car and Lauren sped off. We found a station on the radio that played "rave music" (Lauren and I went back to it today, and it played Russian polka music. It was strange) and ate at Sonic. Again.
Today, I worked at the plant sale again with Lauren, Mercedes, and Matt, and other orch dorks. Not much to blog about besides Lauren, Merc and I going to Sonic again, and goofing around. After the three of us creeped again, Lauren came over to my house for dinner, left about two hours ago, and I've been typing this out since. She texted the guy that likes me from her phone, and asked him why he didn't confirm any plans with me. He said he was going to text me and make plans for next weekend. I'm surprisingly excited.

Such a good weekend to end the first nine weeks of school. I hope the week turns out great as "glorious".

"Here's the story of a girl who grew up lost and lonely. Thinking love was fairytale, and trouble was made only for me. Even in the darkness every color can be found, and every day of rain brings water flowing to things growing in the ground."


Kassandra said...

i love love love the picture! :P

natalie said...

Playing in the rain like an idiot and getting soaked is always fun haha. :D But the thunder and lightening tornado-ness sounds scary indeed. But yeah, it definitely sounds like your weekends have been filled with loads of fun, so that's awesome! Here's to a good week to come!