Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I can't take my mind off you 'til I find somebody new

My last post was my 100th. :)

Something really good happened today.
After we sight read in orchestra, we had some free time. There's this room in the back of the orchestra room that has a computer in it. He was using that computer to type up an essay, and he was alone in there. I had a lot of homework, and everyone kept talking to me and asking questions, so I decided to man up, walk in there, and ask him if he would mind if I worked in there too. He said he didn't. I sat down. Now, let me just say that he liked me, I liked him. Then he just stopped liking me after 8 months. We never went out or anything. He told me after those eight months we just weren't compatible. I don't feel like that's the truth, but whatever. There's nothing I can do about it. But, I can't seem to get over him, so I've been ignoring him in the halls and trying not to text him to try to move on. Which has been an epic fail. But we sat together while we did homework, and talked for a little bit. He played some music on his iPod, and it was really, really nice. Easily one of my favorite parts of this year so far, even though it was for a short time and probably meant nothing to him. But it easily made my week.

[I realized something after typing this up; he has my tumblr url, which links to my blogger. I really hope he doesn't read this. If he does, oh well. But he doesn't go on tumblr anymore. Hopefully.]

Anyway, the orchestra concert went very well last night. I was surprised how good the concert and non varsity orchestras played. And it was just a very good night overall. Before the concert two of my friends and I blasted obnoxious rap music while driving to Kroger, read some birthday/anniversary etc. cards when we got there, and bought some peanut M&M's.

Tomorrow is the field trip for orchestra. Most likely I'll post again tomorrow to write about it. I'm sure something will happen there that's blog-worthy.

I realized what my one confession is for my 10 day challenge thing.
I think some part of me will always like him. Not the him I was just talking about with the orchestra room thing [Well, I don't think I'll ever get over him either, but that's another story altogether.] But the reason I don't really want to out with this one guy who apparently likes me, is because he's not cute. But there's more to that. When I get a boyfriend, I want him to get jealous from his hot-ness. Shallow, yes. But I can't help it. I don't want to go out with anyone, because he might go out with someone too even though he said he doesn't like anyone at his school. And I would get jealous, I know I would. And there would be nothing I could do about it. And if I were to go out with someone, and miss my chance with him, I would always wonder if we would work out or not. I always wonder if he were here or I were there, would he like me, and would we go out? I hope he would. I think if we met we could at least try it. I'm sure we would at least have sex. I'm sure if he still read my blog he would agree with that, haha.

"And so it is the shorter story. No love, no glory, no hero in her skies."

Last note; my friend gave me one of her silly band bracelets. It's suppose to be a rhino, but to me it looks like an obese unicorn.


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natalie said...

Awww, well that's great! :) I love when little things like that end up making your entire day, or even your entire week.

I didn't know there was such a thing as varsity orchestra! That's pretty cool, hehe. And I hope you had fun with the trip!

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Maggie said...

Super LOVE this story~<3

Maggie said...
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