Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here's where we prove all your fairytales wrong.

I'm sitting outside in my backyard right now while typing this up. It's really nice out. This is why I love winter. Summer here gets too hot. But right now, I can sit outside with a sweatshirt on and blog from my iPod. I got this app that lets me put pictures on here, and it makes it much easier to make a post than on the safari app.

This weekend was good, and next week will be pretty busy as well. Monday I'll find out if I made district or not, Tuesday we have our first concert, and Thursday a field trip for orchestra. We're going to a concert hall to hear a professional orchestra, then to a science museum. Plus, we get to miss most of school for the day.

I'm really anxious to hear if I made it or not. I practiced a lot, but I was shaking while I was auditioning. Like I was afraid I was going to have a panic attack shaking. But, a lot of kids sounded like they hadn't touched the music at all. I'm still unsure though. D:

That's really it for now. Talk to you later, alligators.

Edit 8:55 PM; Someone posted the district results on facebook, and I made it!! :D


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it's so cold and rainy out right now. dislike!