Thursday, September 30, 2010

You can skyrocket away from me & never come back if you find another galaxy

^My future home will have a fort where I can hide and read books and listen to music.

Day Ten: One confession.
Right now, I'm not sure what that would be. So give me some time to think of a really good one.

This week has been pretty good. Today felt like a Friday though, which means I'll wake up tomorrow morning thinking it's Saturday, only to come to the awful realization that I do in fact have school. Along with a physics test and the fitgram. Which is where you have to run (or walk...) a mile, test your flexibility, height, weight etc. Not very fun.

But, this weekend will be the first in awhile in which I'll actually be busy. Saturday is district auditions (I'm still freaking out, but I'm feeling a bit better about them) and Sunday one of my friends convinced me to go to a party for her church with her, which also includes me going to Bible study before. I haven't been to church since I was 5, and I'm not a very religious person, so this will be interesting. I'm also hoping, since there are a ton of kids that go to her church that maybe, you know. A cute boy or two will be there. And please, don't judge me. Because I know you all are thinking "Omgz why y u tryin to pick up boyz at church?!??1!" Well, because the majority of my friends seem to get their boyfriends from church camp. It's not my fault that things happen there. But I'm not going to look for it. I'm hoping I'll just stumble upon it on Sunday, or even eventually. Because I don't like cats enough to be a cat lady.

I'm still considering putting videos on my YouTube account. Covers of songs and such. The only problem is video quality isn't the best on my camera, and I'd have to put it on a stack of books or something since I don't have a tripod. I'll figure it out if I do decide to.

Happy last day of September everyone. Christmas is less than three months away.

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natalie said...

today totally felt like a friday to me. like, even now i'm still not convinced that i actually have to get up and go to school tomorrow. which is a slight problem.

hopefully the church thing will turn out to be alright, and maybe an attractive boy shall show up after all! haha i totally understand though. options can be pretty limited 'round these parts, too.

whoa. it's october. weird. what happened to 2010?