Saturday, September 25, 2010

My love burns bright for you with the awkwardness of a thousand nerds.

Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
  1. :\
  2. :)

"Relationships are messy, and people's feelings get hurt."

The guy from my last post? Yeah, I think he likes me. I'm not sure what to do about it, except to pretend that I'm completely oblivious to his hints when he texts me. Now I'm positive that a relationship is the last thing I need right now. And the guy I used to like? Well, in summary he's a buttface. But what else is new.

This week has been alright. I bought a sketchbook the other day, and I'm hoping that I'll get time to start drawing in it. I love art class, but not the people in it. They irritate me. But, I can't wait to take drawing next year.

District auditions are next week, and I'm flipping out. I'm hoping I'll do okay.

A conversation I had earlier this week;
"Hey, come over here."
"Give me a hug."
"Because you're a creeper."
And then I walked away from him. I call almost every guy a creeper, but he actually is one. Jeez.

Now to end this post with a lame joke;

Two atoms are walking down the street together. The first atom turns and says, “Hey, you just stole an electron from me!”
“Are you sure?” asks the second atom.
To which the first atom replies, “Yeah, I’m positive!”

It made me laugh. :3

Sorry for the really sucky post. :P


natalie said...

i really want those pillows...

hmmm :/ good luck with the guy that might like you. that sounds like it could potentially get complicated. and also good luck with your auditions! i'm sure you'll do awesome!

Kassandra said...


Abs said...

lol, chemistry humor.