Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Fat Penguin." "What?" "It's an ice breaker."

Today we had a state exam for English. Unfortunately, my friend had her appendix removed a few days ago, so today she came to school high on life. And by life, I mean pain medication. For one part of the test we had to write about "a time when you overcame fear". She wrote about being a tomato that was afraid of being eaten, got plucked out of the ground but soon returned to her garden people who later became chili. Her story ended with her getting put in the refrigerator. This, is why I love my friends.

And, can you believe it's already March?
This realization that time is flying by makes me want to stare into the eyes of the guy I like tomorrow who I didn't get to see today because of the test, try to telepathically get him to understand that I like him, and make him realize the deep feelings he has for me. But we'll see how that goes. Because we all know how good I am with the fellas.


Natalie said...

Hahaha, if I were the person grading your friend's test, I would definitely give her an A+. That is a quality story right there.

Every time it's a new month we always marvel at how fast time flies... but it's so true!

Kassandrah said...

ohmygod, you should totally do it. ;)

Kindros said...

lol, great story. Sounds like something I would write for those. Good luck with the mind control. :)