Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"That's boy talk for, 'I want to pick you up and carry you away into the sunset.'"

I really want a pug one day.

Unlike the sarcasm I perceived in the last post, I apparently have become VERY "good with the fellas"; [Warning: Proceed with caution. Seriously.]
1. Last night I was talking to a friend who moved to Georgia last year, and somehow we got onto the topic of relationships and both of our nonexistent love lives. I was explaining to him how the guy I like and I are really mean to each other, and we just bicker and argue all the time. And the title, that's what he told me. Which made me very happy, even though it's not very likely to be true. :3
2. I was going to ignore the guy I used to have a "thing but not really" with in the hallway this morning before first period, and while passing by he made sure to get my attention, and he looked so happy when I said hi back, it was adorable. His smile was just so big. This made my day.
3. Today I wore a tank top under my large orchestra sweatshirt. It's the type of shirt that makes my boobs look really good, and the logo on the sweatshirt is small and right by that area. Well, the guy that I said I was going to try to use mind control on in my last post (and who, according to my friend, is the one that wants to carry me into the sunset) was staring at me when I walked in the room. Or more specifically, at my boobs. I was staring back at him, and he looked up at me startled and said "I see you're wearing a band sweatshirt." He says I'm in band all the time to piss me off. I found this hilarious.

So that was my day. Sorry for the lame boy stories. :P


Kindros said...

I'd go for number 2. He probably had to gather up tons of courage to get your attention. :)

Kassandrah said...

:D :D :D

Jung said...

These were pretty hilarious. Fun to read the mindgames from the female perspective. Boobs have power.

Mischief Managed said...

Your blog is HYSTERICAL.

Don't go for the boob starer, good things never come of them.