Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"I tried to do handstands for you, I tried to do headstands for you. Every time I fell on you, yeah every time I fell. I tried to do handstands for you, but every time I fell for you, I'm permanently black and blue, permanently blue for you."

So far this week has been pretty good, not much has been going on though. I've just been listening to a bunch of music and whatnot.

another quiz:
You Are the Library
You are very intellectual and well read. You tend to be absorbed in your own interests.You can seem a bit standoffish. To be honest, you're not that interested in other people.You are comforted by the things you own. You tend to be a pack rat.It's likely that you have many old possessions that you treasure. You rarely throw anything away.

^These have been getting ridiculously accurate lately. :P

Yes, I am still sick, unfortunately. I want to get out of the house soon or I might go insane. I might just have to fake feeling good tomorrow. (;

Hopefully something exciting and blog-worthy happens this week. :P



n a t a l i e said...

Me gusta that song (: Wasn't it in those new iPod nano commercials?

Aww, that sucks that you're still sick. Not fun at all :P Get well ASAP (:

Have a great rest o' the week!

Melissa said...

I'm getting sick, not fun!Pretend to feel better? That's funny most people pretend to be sick!

That song is great, Chairlift's Evident Utensil is a really good song as well

Annie said...

<3 the picture

Sick = not fun, feel better soon!

OMG! OC said...