Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cutie, if it all falls through we can piece it back together, I can learn to trust you too

"Because i'm afraid to break your heart. As it is precious and not meant to be broken."
"Your heart means something to me. I wanna put it in a safe to protect it from harm. It doesn't deserve burden or anything bad."
"You deserve better than that. And don't say you don't because you do. You deserve a nice boy. Someone who will treat you nice. Treat you right."
"I want to remain friends for this reason. You will say otherwise, i'm sure. But i think its best for you. Trust me on this one. I've thought about it for so long."
"You shouldn't be caring for me. As i can take care of myself. I should be putting forth all efforts to take care of you."
"But i don't wanna be that guy you have to watch over and make sure he's okay. Thats not cool with me."

I finally find someone nice, who gave me hope. He proved to me that not all guys are asses, there's still nice guys out in the world. He tells me all this shit, that makes me like him even more, then he's all like "we should just stay friends". What the fuck? Why can't anything ever be perfect for me? He says he doesn't want to hurt me. But he has.

I hung out with him yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Yeah.

That's basically it. Sorry for the lame post.

"You're just too good to lose. And I can't refuse, so don't make me choose between the two. I'm fed up in here, in my atmosphere. Don't you know who you are, you're my shooting star."


natalie said...

I like all the quote!

And that's definitely encouraging to be reminded that not all guys are complete assholes after all, hahaha.

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

The last quote was amazing !!!!!!!
Things will be fine. Relax :)
Thanks for your luck. My exams were pretty good. I hope the marks are that good as well!