Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it's crazy how one single day can change your entire life.

"of course i'm in love with you darling."

So Friday I saw Remember Me with two of my best friends. It's one of the first movies in awhile that really made me think. And I even cried a little at the end. Which I absolutely hate doing. Crying shows weakness to me. But that's just how I think. But it was an amazing movie.

Why do I feel like I'm losing you when you're not even mine to lose.

And on Monday when I was hanging out with him we saw Shutter Island [sneaking into a different movie than what you actually bought, ftw]. Which was pretty freaking awesome. Kind of weird, but that's what made it so awesome. Then we walked to Barnes and Noble and talked about music for awhile while in the CD section, then walked around until my parents came to pick me up.

"Maybe my heart didn't skip a beat, and maybe the twinkle in your eye was just the lights reflecting weird, and maybe the feeling in my stomach was that i didnt have enough to eat. And maybe, i just thought i was in love."

I have no other plans during the break. Maybe I'll "go on an adventure" of some sort. Maybe something exciting will happen. I, for some reason doubt that. But maybe, for once, I should just have hope.

And Happy St. Patrick's Day. :P

*edit: 9:26PM
I just realized that I've had my blog for one year and one day. Can't believe it's already been that long. Hopefully it will last for another good year. :)



ali Bella said...

Hell yes it was an amazing movie! Really sad tho. :( Yeah, i cried too.

Happy St. Patty's Day!! :D

sakhii•• said...

cong8!!...tht u hav completed 365 days of blogging!!
liked that thing u wrote in italics..!!
c my blog 2!!