Saturday, March 20, 2010

"i'll love you even if you're the 982,375,978,614,965,472nd person on earth."

He keeps telling me this. How he doesn't want to hurt me and crap. And how he'd make a "terrible boyfriend" if "we decide to". Ughhh. I just love how much of a roller coaster I've been these past few weeks. I think tonight after he gets off work I'm gonna ask him to give me an answer. Because I'm tired of waiting. But I'm afraid that if I do that then it'll put too much pressure on him then he'll say we shouldn't. I'm thinking if I wait he'll say yes. But I don't want to wait, I've been waiting for too long.

"if you were a song i'd put you on repeat (: "

I think tomorrow I'm gonna try to get out of the house. All of my friends are away or with their boyfriends, so I have nothing to do. I've been looking up a lot of pictures lately, which is why now most of my posts have been filled with them.

[sometimes you gotta quit thinkin so much. if it feels right, it probably is. so just go with it.]

Yeah, spring break has pretty much sucked.

"Now I see clearly it's you I'm looking for, all of my days. So I'll smile, I know I'll feel this loneliness no more all of my days, for I look around me and it seems you found me. And it's coming into sight as the days keep turning into night


natalie said...

I'm sorry your spring break hasn't been going to well, and that guy related issues keep messing things up :P I like the new influx of pictures though!

sakhii•• said...

cute way of scribbling down ur feelings!!