Sunday, March 21, 2010

well hey, you know you're not alone cause honey, I get lonely too

"Make every door you walk through a living work of art."

Most exciting part of the break? I found out that you can do this to paperclips last night:

[Click for larger image]

It looks like a heart. How freakin adorable :) One day I'm gonna buy a huge box of paper clips and do this to every single one of them. Seriously. :)

I really need to go back to school before I really do go insane...

^I swear, this actually is the best picture ever, I freaking love it. It's really just fun to say "omnomnomagon". Haha, it is. :)

We talked until 3 in the morning last night. Very awesome conversation. We talked about what we should do about our situation, the snow, religion [which we have the exact same view of], and just talked. It was very nice. :) And I'm not confused anymore :) And I'm never gonna talk about guys ever again on here. :) (we'll see about that, haha. But I will try my best, pinky promise!)

And, by the way, it did snow yesterday. I was gonna get a picture but I was like, naahhh, I'll do it later. And when I did decide to it had all melted. :P So yeah, maybe next time, haha.

And, those are the coolest apples. Evar.

Peace. ♥


natalie said...

I shall definitely do that with my paper clips next time haha, it looks pretty cool. And omnomnomagon is pretty darn fun to say :D

sakhii•• said...

cute....nice piks too!!