Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Guess I'll have to be satisfied with cats and old records."

"So, dumb guys go for dumb girls, and smart guys go for dumb girls? What do the smart girls get?" "Cats mostly."

November is over, and December has almost begun. 25 days until Christmas, and it's almost 2011. Time is going by way too fast. Next year will be my senior year, and then I'll be off to college. Then I'll get a job, a house, and be forever alone with my 27 cats. That's the plan, anyway. Or maybe I'll find a nice guy? Wait, is this now a possibility?? This leads me onto the rest of this post;

Ah yes, more boy stories to be told. Saved the best for last. :3

1. Well, recently I've been wearing a bit more makeup than I usually have. This boy that I knew since freshman year is in my US History class. We haven't really talked much in the 13 weeks we've been in that class together. I think he's slightly afraid of me because I was quite the violent one freshman year. But today he asked to be in my group, and he wanted to talk to me while walking to 3rd period. Weird, much? Yes. He kept glancing at me, his behaviour was strange. But my friends have been telling me how I look so much prettier with eye liner on, and how I look more confident and approachable, and "hot". Obviously this is true.

2. Guy in orchestra smiled and almost walked up to talk to me today in the hall before orchestra started, but saw my friend was talking to me and [smoothly, in a totally not obvious way] turned around and looked embarrassed. Hah.

3. Same guy as #2; this will be kind of difficult to explain.
We had sectionals in orchestra today. Violins had to stay and play, but violas, cellos, and basses could study, hang out, or go decorate a Christmas ornament. (We have a Christmas tree in the orchestra room) He stayed in his seat while I was playing, and when she said the seconds could go do whatever, I went to decorate an ornament. He got up and did one too, and sat next to me, but at a distance, not like right next to me. But close enough where it was obvious. He didn't even say anything, I don't even remember if he said "hi" and I don't remember if I did either. Just sat there. He was doing nothing in his seat, but when I chose to decorate an ornament, so did he. I found it strange.

I swear, this makeup is like magic. Maybe I won't be needing this amazing sweater after all;

Also, tomorrow is National Be A Creeper Day. "The one day of the year when it's completely acceptable to be yourself." I'll be sure to join in the fun.


Kassandrah said...

whenever i think about national be a creeper dy i think of natalie on facebook. :P
i don;t even mean that in a mean way.

natalie said...

^ If you mean me Natalie, then yaaay! hahaha. Maybe that shouldn't make me as amused as I am, but it does... :)

Anyways. I love that Modern Family quote. So true.

Yay for December! I'm actually really excited. I dislike January though.

Yeah, as much as I hate to admit it I guess make up does make a difference... Except all my friends try to force me to wear it with all the "oooh but you look so pretty!"s and it just makes me want to rebel and not wear it even more. ;D