Sunday, December 5, 2010

I never felt this lost before, and the world is closing doors.

I had a pretty busy week/weekend. At least it seemed very busy to me.

On Thursday one of my friends picked me up to go to her house to bake cookies with another friend. The other friend wasn't answering her phone, so we left her a message that sounded like my friend was having a baby in the car, haha. We went to her house to go pick her up [kidnap her, actually] when she got home from shopping. I also butt dialed one of my friends by accident that night and he heard our conversation of the "uno and triplet disorder" and how both of my friends have gone far with guys, possibly a few other things as well. Quite the night.

Friday I went to IHOP with one of my friends from the night before and another friend. At IHOP one of the waiters did a card trick for us. He was so cute. :3 We went back to her house afterward and watched the 1st Harry Potter movie and baked brownies. We also listen to a lot of crappy rap music, which is always fun to shout with your friends. :)

On Saturday I watched the second and third movie on TV since there happened to be a marathon of the Harry Potter movies on ABC family. I also finished an art project that I've been working on for the past few weeks. It's worth 50% of the next test grade and due tomorrow.

And finally today; Went to Barnes & Noble to get the third Harry Potter book, got a new pair of shoes and some socks, practiced violin for 40 minutes, and now I must study for the physics test I have tomorrow.

Other events that happened during the week; Found out the guy who stalks one of my friends likes me and wants to "make a move" soon; I decided to give up on a friend who has been obnoxious an hurtful to me for awhile; and I caught a guy in my physics class looking at me a few times. I will talk to said guy next week. :3

This has been quite the week.


shelbyisms. said...

You should definitely let us know how said boy responds.

Kassandrah said...

^ i heart her.