Monday, July 25, 2011

"Do you want to hear a joke about sodium?" "Na."

There's only one month left of summer vacation. It's weird how fast the time has flown. But I've had many adventures with friends, and a good amount of time by myself. So it's been a great summer so far, but I'm also excited for school to start. The rest of the summer will hopefully be great as well.

My friends and I have been planning birthday parties for a few of our friends, which we're going to celebrate this week. One of my friends is turning 16. As a joke we might drive by Chuck E. Cheeses, then go out to lunch. When we go out with him we always tell the waiter it's his birthday, so when we celebrate his actual birthday it will be no different.

One of my friends from the Wii parties I've mentioned before also has his birthday this week. We'll probably just have another Wii party for him, and make him a cake or something. Maybe out of jello, I don't know. Maybe stick random fruit in that jello, because we're just evil. But most likely, I would like to do this:

I'm so excited for:
Orchestra next year. I've been thinking about how that will be. I'll finally be with my friends, since most of them moved up to varsity.
Free tea day at McAlisters on Thursday.
The parties mentioned above because my friends and I plan the best parties. Example.

Finally, here's a picture of some pictures I took Saturday:

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